Failed to launch CCD node

I’m mac user (Apple M1 chip, rosetta installed), I download & install node but it failed to launch.

Activity monitor show nothing when I search “concordium”, and when I click “Concordium Node Start”, it says “Failed to start the Concordium mainnet node. Error: (1,0)
Both mainnet and testnet return this error.

Any idea?

There are 2 cases described in the official Concordium documentation. Have you tried to troubleshoot by following that?


I read it.

Node crash or database corruption

I don’t know where is the database directory

Service cannot run after editing service (config) file

There is no /Library/Concordium Node/LaunchDaemons/software.concordium.mainnet.node.plist


It looks like your node was unable to start up.

There can be multiple reasons for this, port is used, permissions etc.
To find the cause of this issue you should consult the logs from when the node was started.

You can retrieve the logs as described here:

You should replace <subsystem-name> with software.concordium.mainnet.node.
So e.g. log show --predicate 'subsystem == "software.concordium.mainnet.node"'



The error code 1 is operation is not permitted (you can check it with the launchctl error 1 command. Which suggests some permission error. Have you edited the configuration file to make your node a baker?

The file /Library/Concordium Node/LaunchDaemons/software.concordium.mainnet.node.plist should definitely be there, otherwise something went wrong during installation.

Did you check its existence in the terminal? Due to the space in Concordium Node you need to quote the whole path when looking it up in the terminal.
Can you try to run
cat "/Library/Concordium Node/LaunchDaemons/software.concordium.mainnet.node.plist"
and see what it returns?

If it says No such file or directory, then you need to reinstall the node. You don’t need to uninstall first, just run the installer again.

Let me know if that works.

Best regards,