Fee payment in EUROe

With the EUROe contract now deployed to mainnet, I was wondering how Concordium has implemented paying for tx fees using EUROe, as stated in the EUROe announcement?

Could you share a link to where this is stated?
On chain, the transaction can only be paid for using CCD, but a service can offer to pay the CCD needed for a transaction in exchange for EUROe or some other token.
A smart contract needs to provide support for this, which is standardized in CIS-3.

Juha Viitala, CEO of Membrane Finance, stated:“Concordium’s commitment to privacy while ensuring identity verification and regulatory compliance sets a solid foundation for the future landscape of DeFi projects. With EUROe now integrated into the Concordium blockchain, projects and their users can engage in transactions with the assurance of stability and security. Notably, Concordium’s unique feature that allows paying gas costs in EUROe is a game-changer, offering a streamlined experience for users. This eliminates the need for exposure to fluctuating virtual currencies, making it exceptionally enterprise-friendly and akin to using on-chain money in a traditional financial sense."

From The official announcement .

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will ask them to change this, since the statement is a bit misleading. As already mentioned, it can be archived as long as the smart contract provide support for this, but it is not the case in general for any transaction on chain.

Ok that at least explains why I haven’t seen any development in any Concordium repo to deal with this.

EUROe is implemented as a CIS-2 token. How will Concordium facilitate purchasing / transacting them in the wallets?

Thank you for your inquiry. Our roadmap for the EUROe launch is quite packed. We will present various purchasing options for our community, alongside some extra materials/documentation, and dApp examples to showcase Concordium and EUROe for you to test. Initially, there will be no option to buy it directly from the wallets. To purchase it, with the launch, on-ramps will be established and you will be able to buy it from day 1 with your credit card from the links that we will provide, and the IBAN transfer option will be operational in Q1. In terms of transacting it, since it’s a CIS-2 token you can send/receive it directly using the wallet.

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