GASaccounts and block rewards

Can someone either explain the logic for oldGASaccount and newGASaccount to me, or point me to a document that explains this? I think block rewards feed this account (partially?) but I’m unable to fully understand this concept.

For reference: I’m trying to calculate the sum of all block rewards in a given day (hoping that I could take the difference of two amounts).

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I passed on your questions to my colleagues. As soon as they got your answers, I will get back to you.

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The science department sent this answer;

In most blockchains the baker / miner / validator gets the transaction fees corresponding to the transactions in the block that they create. In Concordium, we give “only” half the transaction fees of the new block to the baker, but they also get 25% of what is in the GAS account. The other 50% of the transaction fees for the new block go into the GAS account. The effect of this is to even out the transaction rewards between all the bakers. For example, if there is a block with very large transaction fees, it doesn’t all go to one lucky baker, but gets shared with subsequent bakers via the GAS account.

I hope it does answers your questions.

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