Get_consensus_info() error in rust sdk 2.4.0


We’ve upgraded our node to 6.0.4 in testnet and also updated rust sdk to version 2.4.0 (from When calling get_consensus_info().await?, we get the error
"Call failed: status: InvalidArgument, message: “missing field in response”

Our code is something like this:

let node_endpoint = Endpoint::from_str(smart_config.concordium_url.as_str())?;
let mut client = Client::new(node_endpoint).await?;
let consensus_info = client.get_consensus_info().await?;

It used to work last week, but it is failing now. It seems the error is coming from impl TryFrom for super::types::queries::ConsensusInfo in

Can you please help?

You need to update the Rust SDK to version 3.

There were API changes in protocol 6 and node version 6 that make it incompatible with Rust SDK version 2.4