gRPC API questions

So, this isn’t about the client which the title implies.

Since I’m interested in working with C# and there currently is no SDK being worked on or in the pipeline from what I can tell, I need to talk to the gRPC API directly.

So, where should I direct my questions in regard to this subject?

I’m interested in knowing how to do stuff like:

  • deploy a module/smart contract to the chain?
  • instantiate a smart contract on the chain
  • call a method on a smart contract on the chain

Unfortunately, the documentation is currently a bit patch on these details. The operations that you describe are transactions which can be sent to the chain via the SendTransaction gRPC endpoint. (You can then use GetTransactionStatus to monitor the outcome.)

Now the issue becomes generating the data that SendTransaction requires, which is a serialized transaction (including the signature(s)). The bluepaper details the serialization format in section 24.4. You need to send a correctly formatted BlockItem. To generate the signature, you need to use the account key of the sender (technically, an account can have multiple keys that may be used in the signature, but most commonly there is only one) and sign the encoded payload with it in the Ed25519 signature scheme.

The link seems to be dead.

Hi Petlan,

We actually have some documentation for our gRPC interface:

Let us know if anything is unclear, then we’ll update the documentation :blush:

Have a great day!
/ Kasper