How Bictory got your grant if they have no open-source projects?

As stated in “Concordium Free & Open Grants Program”:

All code produced as part of a Grant must be open-sourced, and it must also not rely on closed-source software for full functionality. We prefer Apache 2.0, but GPLv3, MIT or Unlicense are also acceptable.

Bictory isn’t open-source, they have not open-sourced anything (yet). How did they get the grant from Concordium?



As far as I can understand, the grant is split into milestones, and until Bictory reach each milestone (where they receive the grant money), they are not required to open-source that code.

I hope that answers your question. :slight_smile:

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But the post says (source)

Bictory Finance is (already) the grantee

The grant has been awarded for the Development of the BictoryNFT marketplace

The company plans to use the awarded grant to develop solutions on the Concordium blockchain

and nothing about the milestones.
Is there any public information available about the split of the grant and milestones?

Hello! Is there at least one precedent when an independent developer received a grant from Concordium to develop his idea?

There’s BictoryNFT application form which has description of the milestones. Turn out it is no the requirement for a project to be open-source from day 1.