How can we create a new account using the concordium node SDK

Here I have generated my id-object.json file same as the process mentioned in the documents by sending mail with request.json file to

I’m trying to create a new account using the concordium node sdk with both the mentioned file I’m getting type error as mentioned below.

const identityInput: IdentityInput = {


            identityProvider: {

                ipInfo: idUseData.ipInfo,

                arsInfos: idUseData.ars,


            idCredSecret: idUseData.idUseData.aci.credentialHolderInformation.idCredSecret,

            prfKey: idUseData.idUseData.aci.prfKey,

            randomness: idUseData.idUseData.randomness,


TypeError: Cannot read property ‘aci’ of undefined

How can we resolve this error?

Have you deployed the file to the chain to create the credentials?

Do you want to create a “new account” or do you need a “sub-account”? If the second one is the case you can look at the Node-SDK documentation

But note that Concordium don’t have true sub-accounts, it has alias’es, i.e. it is the same account, and the chain won’t keep track of the individual alias’es balance. That means CCDs can be owned by only the main account, but for the tokens, you can handle them separately in your smart contract.

Hello, @DGConcordium Could you please suggest me how can we create concordium account using the concordium node sdk, create account function. As we need to create multiple accounts link with enterprise account on my application.

We want to create a new account, As I have found there is a method regarding creating an account in node SDK, But when I am trying this with the deployed identity file we are not getting the complete response, We mean some parameters are missing that are mentioned in create an account method.

You should be able to create accounts from the documentation you already linked to.

Are you still getting the error from the original post?
Because it seems like your idUseData object does not have the correct format. Have you tried comparing the value to the expected fields?

If you have resolved that issue, please provide more details to what your current issue is.

After getting the JSON file when we are trying to generate the credentials getting the following error as attached screenshot

Did you create your identity with v0 or v1 of the flow? (if you are are mixing them it will lead to issues)
It is complaining about the anonymity revoker, does your id-use-data (if you used v0) have the ars field, with an ar with index 1 inside? (Which is expected from your identity?)

@shjort I have followed the v0 flow for creating identity and was using that file for creating identity and got the above error as mentioned. Could you please suggest me What I’m doing wrong?

Without more details it is hard to say, but as I have already suggested, it seems that there is an issue with your id-use-data file.
(When following the node sdk example you have unexpected undefined fields, and the user_cli tools cannot find the anonymity revoker data)