How long time does it take to become a baker after staking?


When I look at the dashboard I see my node very clearly but there is no baker ID added.

I added the stake this morning, and as far as I’ve been able to read from documentation, it should take about 2 epochs which equates 2 hours. It has been around 9 hours now and I’m starting to worry that something is wrong.

I got this back from the client:
Transaction is finalized into block 70fb2fea4f30b5864b94ad016de51bfafb83180b48045ee4d41608e1e7300323 with status “success” and cost 2.818416 CCD (4572 NRG).
baker 3mnFq2novVNLKHQdLEHozBnDWfdZ9j8DCm6EfXRYqrbcVfQgCP (ID 82565) added, staking 14000.000000 CCD. Earnings are added to the stake.

And when I check the block on the dashboard it does exist.

What should I do?

Hi Mads,

Have you configured your node to bake using the baker-credentials that was generated, when you made the transaction?

If you already did that, then there is probably an issue, so you should check the logs:


Yes I configured/added the baker credentials. It even says that I am baking on the mobile app.

It doesn’t work yet but I am restarting the process using an ubuntu machine with docker instead.

So far the experience of that is real good so let us hope it works when it’s done catching up.

Otherwise I will be back - thanks for the reply so far!



It works now - thanks for the reply earlier.