How to generate new KEYS for adding to an account?

Hi, I have a question about Concordium Client β€” Concordium documentation.
I could not find a command to generate KEYS parameters.
Is there any hint or code?

I can give an explanation, but I don’t think any tools directly support constructing those files.

The documentation already explains the structure, which is basically a mapping of indices to keypairs.

Keypairs are just ed25519 keypairs, but where the secret key is encrypted. The encryption is just AES, and you can use the Auxiliary Tools β€” Concordium documentation tool to produce the encryption in the correct format.

Note that that command is for adding keys only to the local configuration. In order to use them you would have to add them to the account also on the chain. This is done with update-credentials.

Perhaps if you outline your use-case, I can give more useful advice.

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I wanted to implement credential updates using the SDK. Now I understand that.
Thank you for your reply!

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