How to query Smart Contract owner account

Hi support,

I have two questings I would like help with.

If we have two smart contracts instances A and B of the same deployment package each created by 2 different accounts, how can we validate or query the chain to get the owner of the instances?

If I have a smart contract instance C that invokes another contract instance D, how can I get the transaction information of the invoked D so that I can pass the transaction information to the caller of contract C along with the transaction info of C?

Do you mean from within the smart contract or from off-chain?
Off-chain using GetInstanceInfo will return the “owner” among other things.

On-chain you cannot query another contract’s owner. Only the contract itself can query its own owner.

I don’t quite understand what information you would like to pass. What do you mean by “transaction information”. Do you have an example that would help illustrate what you would like to achieve?

Thanks for info
#2 turned out to be none issue