How to 'snapshot' a running node?

Is there a way to ‘snapshot’ the current state of a running node, like creating a new treestate/blockstate? (so catch-up is fast in case of a power cut or something).

Hi BeanBagBob,

You can stop the node and take a backup of the database. It is not recommended to do this while the node is running, since the treestate and blockstate could get out of sync.

I hope this answers your question.


Hi Emil,

Thanks. I was more thinking of issuing a command that would create new synchronized treestate/blockstate file and folder. Or maybe freeze the treestate/blockstate (synchronized) for a second while the underlying filesystem could create a snapshot.
But as I understand it, no such command exist (yet)?

I think this has to be a major priority. Powercut problems, stop of node for backup, is a no go, on the long term. The stop function, has some major problems, several times I have a database out of sync, and the only way to fix it is to rebuild.

@BeanBagBob I’m afraid such a command does not exist at the moment.

@GSM Thanks for letting us know. About the stop function problems, which platform are you using?