How to specify the block that previously deployed module was in?

On Mac OSX 12.5 terminal, with CCD-client version 5.0.2, I have successfully deployed a contract and here is the output of the deployment command:

Now I need to initialize this contract, I used this command but an error message came out saying that it cannot find the module in a block. Obviously the address of this block is different from the block that stores the module. I tried it again, another block with another address came out in the error message.

That means I must tell the CCD-client that my module to be initialized is in the block “d097…” or it will not find out the right block by itself. But how?

It looks like in the second command you do not have --grpc-port 10001. Is that correct, or is it just cut off?

The client will find the right block, you do not have to specify it. Once a module is deployed it continues to exist in future blocks.

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