I have already transferred once, why can't I find it on the chain?


I was unable to find the account on mainnet, but could find the account on testnet. By default the local testnet node is configured to be accessible through port 10001, so if your intention is to query testnet, please try the following:

concordium-client --grpc-port 10001 account show enkai

Hope this helps.


Yes, my account was established in the test network, and I can also view the transaction through the browser, but I cannot view it in my local client. I think the local node is not synchronized to the transaction execution. , I restarted node, but I got a new error saying that the last block could not be found.

It looks like your database got corrupted when you stopped the node.
Do the following:

  1. Stop the node by “sudo systemctl stop concordium-testnet-node
  2. Go to /var/lib/concordium-b6078…/data/database-v4 and delete latest blockstate-dat and treestate directory (last - means with the highest number, most likely it will be 2)
  3. After deleting you can start your node. Please note that after “fixing” the database, you will need to finish the synchronization of the node (not from the very beginning)