Initialize Smart Contract Instance with some EuroE

Hey guys, please is it possible to send some EuroE to a smart contract at the point of initializing the smart contract. I see from the docs that this can be done for CCD

/// Init function that creates a new smart contract.
#[init(contract = "counter",payable)]
fn init(ctx: &InitContext, _state_builder: &mut StateBuilder, _amount: Amount)) -> InitResult<State> {
    // Your code

    Ok(State { counter: 0})

so is there a way to initialise a smart contract with some EuroE rather than CCD?

No, you cannot do this directly.

Sending EuroE to a contract means invoking the the EuroE token contract which is not possible during contract initialization.

CCD is special because it’s the native token.

okay, thank you @abizjak for pointing this out. If I set up a receive function that basically allows me the smart contract owner to send EuroE to the smart contract, this should work fine, right? or do you foresee any potential issue with sending EuroE to the smart contract in this manner?