Instructions for node uninstall


Maybe it is me but i can’t find any guides on how to uninstall a concordium-node? Is there a small guide that you can point me to? specifically interested in how to uninstall the docker solution.


Hello Keld

You can just stop the node;

To stop the node, press CTRL+c , and wait for the node to do a clean shutdown.
If you accidentally close the window without explicitly shutting down the client, it will keep running in the background in Docker. In that case, use the concordium-node-stop binary in the same way you opened the concordium-node executable.

After that you can remove the files/folders.
You can view the container ID and delete the container itself, with a few commands. First docker ps -a then docker rm ID_or_Name

I hope that helps.

Concordium Tech Support

Hi Zoltan

Certainly, thanks. It also removes the database, right?

Deleting volumes will wipe out their data. Back up any data that you need before deleting a container, in this case if you need the database, make a copy.