Instrumentation in concordium node 3.0.1 Debian package

It looks like the concordium-mainnet-node-3.0.1 binaries provided by the Debian package were built without the instrumentation feature flag - is this correct?

$ strings $(which concordium-mainnet-node-3.0.1) | grep -c prometheus

If so, will future Debian package releases have instrumentation built in to save us compiling our own binaries to work with Prometheus etc?

Yes, it is correct that our distributions are built without instrumentation.

We have so far not documented what the data that is provided means so instrumentation itself has limited utility.

We do not plan on changing this for the upcoming release, but might revise the instrumentation and the distribution for later releases.

Brilliant, that makes sense. Thanks @abizjak I’ll continue to experiment with my own binaries with instrumentation enabled and I understand it isn’t documented for the moment and functionality may change.