Is there a plan to be able to instantiate other contracts directly from a instance?

It would be helpful to have a operation which create an instance and hold the address. (maybe like create2 in solidity.)
If it already exists, please let me know, and if not, any plans to implement it in the future?

Such an operation does not exist at the moment. A discussion of it does come up occasionally but it is not a high priority for us to add it at the moment.

Do you have a use-case that needs it? I would be interested to know about it.

Thanks for your reply.
In my opinion, a contract module is like an object and each object is related to each other to create a large ecosystem. so if you can use the factory pattern, the factory module can effectively manage and create instances, even if they are instantiated by others.
I think this is very useful for NFT, Voting, Dex and so on.