Is there a way to get all the instances created from a specific module?

Hi, there!
In my understanding, there is no way to create(instantiate) a instance from module directly, right?
So, if you forget (or because of some trouble) to record the instance address and transaction id when creating a instance from client, how to know about contract address? (Of course you know the module reference.)
I would like to have a contract that can definitely store and manage all instance addresses of a specific module. (I need to have many instances because currently state size is small.)

There is no way to get this information from within a smart contract directly.
You would have to have a separate contract keep track of this information and you would have to be updating it.

There is also no query that will return the list of all instances created from the given module. However you can get this information by going through all the instances. That is not great, but it is the only way. The node does not maintain any other indices related to this.

Thanks for providing an answer to my question.
OK, I understand. Hopefully Sirius will change the situation!