maxContractExecutionEnergy error while sending Transection

While sending the transection I am facing the error the code is use to work okay before the wallet update. It working okay till Friday but not know the maxContractExecutionEnergy is not enough to run the function but when I increase it is not properly working. Even after the update the maxContractExecutionEnergy is increasing by every 2 or 3 transection so I cant get it why it is happening.
The code is

const call_contract = async (param: any, method: string, amount: string | number) => {
    const { provider, account } = await initialize();

    // const rpc = provider.getGrpcClient();
    // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/ban-ts-comment
    // @ts-ignore
    const _rpc = new ConcordiumGRPCClient(provider.grpcTransport);

    if (!account) {
        alert("Please connect");

    try {
        const schemaBuffer = Buffer.from(RAW_SCHEMA_BASE64, "base64");
        // const serializedParams = serializeUpdateContractParameters(
        //     CONTRACT_NAME,
        //     method,
        //     param,
        //     schemaBuffer,
        //     SchemaVersion.V1
        // );
        if (account) {
            const txnHash = await provider.sendTransaction(
                    address: {
                        index: INDEX,
                        subindex: SUB_INDEX,
                    // message: serializedParams,
                    amount: new CcdAmount(BigInt(amount ?? 0)),
                    // eslint-disable-next-line @typescript-eslint/restrict-template-expressions
                    receiveName: `${CONTRACT_NAME}.${method}`,
                    maxContractExecutionEnergy: MAX_CONTRACT_EXECUTION_ENERGY,
            console.log(txnHash, "txnHash");

            // const tx_finalization = await rpc.waitForTransactionFinalization(txnHash);
            const tx_finalization = await _rpc.waitForTransactionFinalization(txnHash);
            console.log(tx_finalization, "tx_finalization");
            return tx_finalization;
    } catch (err) {
export const MAX_CONTRACT_EXECUTION_ENERGY = BigInt("1000000");

when I am giving the energy MAX_CONTRACT_EXECUTION_ENERGY = 3000000
this error is appearing I dont know why its required so much energy.

You cannot use 3000000 since that exceeds the maximum block energy currently allowed. That is the reason for the error.

What error are you getting with 1_000_000 NRG?

I have resolve it thanks for your support.