Method not allowed for completing prove request

Hi all,

After setting a test node on Ubuntu using a droplet, I connected my local server to the IP URL only to get Method not allowed when it is trying to complete verification.

The same verification works on localhost without any issues.

The node runs and completes verification only on localhost.

Please I need a guide on what to do.

We need a bit more information about what you are doing. What is a “droplet”?

It looks like you have your own modification of the id_verifier test tool in concordium-misc-tools. Is that correct?

Can you detail how you are making a request and your setup? Note that the endpoint expects a POST request, perhaps that is an issue?

A droplet is a dedicated server setup using Ubuntu on Digital Ocean.

The identification is set up correctly and works only on localhost but not working when deployed online.

This also shows I’m making a post request the proper way.

Here is a screenshot of my NGINX config.