Module name in GRPCv2?

Hi, Concordium Client ouputs the, what I believe to be, module name?

concordium-client module inspect 48682eecb17547b46a2a62fa05b1cbf95054be4804db99db8878db3766c04799
Module:       '48682eecb17547b46a2a62fa05b1cbf95054be4804db99db8878db3766c04799'
Wasm version: V0
- BictoryListing
    - buy
    - list
    - unlist
    - updatePrice

I’m referring to BictoryListing. How can I get this information using GRPCv2?
There’s GetModuleList, but that returns a list of ModuleRefs, and there’s GetModuleSource which returns the source code in bytes.

This information is extracted from the module source.

The client parses the module source (which is a Wasm standard byte format with an extra version header) and then extracts this information.

Ok, so if I decode the bytes, will I be able to read this name as well?


If you remove the first 8 bytes of the response then the rest is just a standard Wasm module.

If you parse that and look at the exported definitions you will find there

  • init_BictoryListing
  • BictoryListing.list

I hope you see the schema here.

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