Need help! Can a local private network interact with public networks such as Concordium moinet and other blockchains?

Hello @everyone!

Tell me please, can a local private network interact with public networks such as Concordium mainnet and other blockchains?

Hello pashq

Did you mean, if it is possible for a private Concordium blockchain to connect with our public Concordium blockchain (mainnet/testnet)? Or you meant something else?

Concordium Tech Support

Hi Zoltan! Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about

That is not something that is possible at the moment.

Concordium is a public blockchain.

What is the purpose behind someone’s decision to use a private blockchain and subsequently connect it to a public blockchain? It seems contradictory, since the intention of a private blockchain is to maintain privacy within a network, whereas a public blockchain is designed for transparency and openness.

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@Zoltan we are developing is a web3 social metaplatform and now we are just considering various options for creating a separate chain for our app, but not creating our own blockchain from scratch.
At the same time , we need our app to be able to interact with other Dapps , and this , accordingly , involves interaction with other public blockchains

@abizjak Let me clarify something.

Concordium private blockchain can’t interact with Concordium public blockchain, right?

And you also said that this is not possible at the moment. Does this mean that it will be possible in the future?

Various options for inter-chain communication are being investigated, so more privacy might be possible in the future. But there are no specifics as of now.