.net SDK - Getting Started

Is there anyone on here that has used the .net SDK?

I want to evaluate it, and looking to see if its in use.

Downloaded it, and opened ConcordiumNetSdk.TestConsoleApp

What is the IP address in the code? Looking for an address for TestNet to get up and running.

using ConcordiumNetSdk;

Connection connection = new Connection
    Address = "",
    AuthenticationToken = "rpcadmin"
ConcordiumNodeClient concordiumNodeClient = new ConcordiumNodeClient(connection);

We use Rust SDK, but there is some good documentation here (if you did not see this): GitHub - Concordium/concordium-net-sdk.

You need to set up Concoridum Node Client for test net and connect to the node (IP)


Thanks for your comment.

How do you find the IP for test net?

Hi, I guess you need a Node? [if you install Node Client it should work just fine.]
(Run a node on Concordium — Concordium documentation)

Is there any way to do this without running a node?

Is there any public endpoint which people can use?

Hi hammers,

Concordium doesn’t provide a public endpoint for testnet, and I’m not aware of anyone else doing so. Unfortunately, this does mean you have to run your own node.

Thanks td202, I appreciate the feedback