No Baking Rewards since 9 Days but others with less power get rewards every 2nd day

I’ve had my Baker node running since the beginning and have had the node live since the beginning of mainnet. I always pull all updates immediately.
I haven’t received a single reward for 9 days, even though I had a lottery power of 0.0039% until yesterday. My acquaintances who have their Baker Node at Northstake and have less power get a reward every 2nd day. The node has no errors and everything runs fine and I have no log entries. Restarted the node 2 days ago because no reward came. I’m always visible on the mainnet with Baker Id 746. Now the power has dropped again to 0.0023%. Is there something wrong? Everyone else gets rewards with less power!!!

Hi PKogler,

Looking at the network dashboard, it seems that your node’s clock is running about 8 seconds fast. This could mean that your baker produces blocks too early, which reduces their chances of being included in the chain. I suggest synchronizing your clock with an NTP server. (On Windows 10, you can do this from the Date & time settings by choosing Sync now.)

With a stake of 0.0023%, you should expect to bake once every 5 days, on average.

thanks for the information. the time is now exactly synchronized. I hope that the rewards will start again soon. at the moment it looks rather bad for my lottery power.

Hello, I have perhaps the same problem. You say “looking at the network dashboard” where can I find that information ?

If the “last find” is in sync with others, can I then assume the time is correct. ?

The “Last Fin” field is the place to look. If it is consistently several seconds different from other nodes, then it likely indicates that the node might have its clock out of sync. (It could also indicate that your node is slow or poorly connected.) Note that bakers typically report their status only every 5 seconds or so, so it’s clearer if there’s an issue when the times are above 10 seconds. It looks like the bakers are largely in sync within about a second or two, but if you are concerned, then I recommend ensuring that your node’s clock is synchronized with a reliable NTP server.

Yes thank you, with the minimum stake on 14000 ccd. I can se the lottery % is 0.0002, with that number how often will my node bake pr. year, and get a reward. ?

With the minimum stake, currently you would expect to bake about 4.86 blocks per year. Your lottery power determines the share of blocks you would expect to bake, and blocks are produced every 10 seconds on average (meaning 66024*365=3153600 blocks per year total). So multiply the lottery power by that to get the total. Note that concordium-client consensus show-parameters --include-bakers only shows the lottery power to parts per million. Using concordium-client raw GetBirkParameters shows the lottery power precisely, and we can see for bakers with 14000 CCD it is currently 1.5413768077997173e-6.

Thank you / Tak for dit svar

Mads Lerche, [16 Mar 2022 at 21.47.00]:

Hi’ I have a baker node which has not recieved any rewards since feb. 24 having staked 122.000-185.500 CCDs…it is according to my calculations unlikely that it should take so long, so i’m a little unsure if my node is working as it should 4cptmQbfj2hcudEdXzTmt9hCzCySPxEpMoF4nj7qfqJfWNFmdu, baker id 44954, can you help? @td202
When I look at the dashboard everything looks fine…

Hi FreedomNode,

It does look like your node is running fine. I notice the uptime is only 2 days though, so if you have had (significant) downtime that would affect things. Based on the current stake distribution, there’s roughly a 1.8% chance that you wouldn’t bake at all for this period of time. But with over 200 bakers, it would be surprising if some bakers weren’t so unlucky at least some of the time.

In summary, it looks like you have been unlucky, and I’ll I can really do is wish you better luck in future.

Thanks for the swift reply, short uptime is due to updating my OS 2 days ago because I was thinking that might cause the low level of “luck”,…good to know the node is running fine,…I’ll be awaiting my luck to turn
Again thanks for the reply, much appreciated

According to Concordium Explorer, you’ve received almost 2000 CCD in baking rewards?