No tokens found by CTR_INDEX in web wallet

After deploying a custom CIS-2 NFT contract with basic mint/tokenMetadata functions it was fully-worked and I saw these tokens in my Web Wallet (Chrome extension one). After customizing MintParams with no TokenIds (replacing it to a list of TokenMetadata) I cannot see my new tokens by CTR_INDEX anymore. But all tests passed and I can interact with invoke/update to any methods of my new contract with corresponding success changes in the contract state after upgrade methods usage.
The question is - Which requirements from Web Wallet go to success NFT parsing and see them here? Which methods maybe wallet functionality invokes to parse NFT from the contract index for the current account?

What do you mean that you customized “MintParams with no TokenIds”?

In order for the token to appear in the wallet it has to

  • be minted and a Mint event must be emitted for it
  • the contract must have a valid metadata endpoint, and the metadata must exist for the token.

Can you share the address of the token? Perhaps I can help with debugging if there is an issue.

Related to this. I installed the recent mobile Android Wallet on testnet. Is it possible to somehow see owned CIS-2 NTFs in the mobile Android wallet?

No, that wallet does not have CIS2 support yet. That should be coming soon though.

Okay. Any plans to have the iOS App updated also?

And, do you have an example of Rust code that queries a list of CIS2 NFTs?

Yes. I cannot give an exact timeline, but it is on the list of features just after wallet-connect support. Android, iOS and browser wallets are meant to have feature parity.

Have you seen this?

In the Rust SDK we have a Cis2Contract type that knows how to interact with Cis2 compatible contracts. Did you mean something else?

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Thanks. Covers what I was looking for