Node does not catch up with chain on Windows

On Windows, the Concordium node may fail to catch up with the chain when changing internet connections. It usually catches up with the chain again after few minutes. Otherwise, stop and restart the node.

Failure to catch-up on Windows might also occur, if the time in the docker virtual machine is out of sync. This can happen as a result of the machine entering sleep (even if the node is not running at the time). The following may be indications that this has occurred:

  • Errors in the log such as ERROR: External: Error importing block: ResultEarlyBlock (or any other error involving ResultEarlyBlock ).
  • Timestamps of messages in the log do not match the system time. (Note, the log timestamps are given in the UTC timezone; you may need to add or subtract a few hours to convert to your local time.)

To fix this, shutdown the node, restart your computer (or just restart Docker Desktop), and then restart the node.

If the problem persists, it could be that the system time is set incorrectly. (This is especially likely if you observe negative times on the Concordium Network Dashboard.) To fix this, open Date & time settings and select Sync now under Synchronize your clock . You may have to restart the node as described above after synchronizing your clock.

(Note: it may be possible to resynchronize the virtual machine’s clock without having to restart it. This can be done by stopping and restarting the Time synchronization integration service for the docker virtual machine using Hyper-V Manager .)**