Node successfully set up - however never got the prompt to define a "Node Name"

Hi there,

I have set up a Node (on Ubuntu 20.04 with Debian package). I am also able to succesfully connect to the Node (using the Desktop Wallet). However, during installation of the Debian packages I never got a prompt to enter the “node name”. Hence unable to find my node in the dashboard.

Could you please let me know how to retrieve my node name (and if possbile to change it)?

Thanks in advance.

You can see and edit your node name with the following command:

sudo systemctl edit concordium-node-collector.service

The contents of the file should look something like this, where my-node-name is the name of the node:


Once you have made the change, you will need to restart the collector with the following command:

sudo systemctl restart concordium-node-collector.service

Many thanks!

Interestingly the content looked like this:

Added the name and restarted the collector and the node showed up in the dashboard. Many thanks! :smiley:

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