nodeJS-sdk update on npmsj

I wish to use newly updated Nodejs-sdk. deserializeReceiveReturnValue()

but it is not updated on npmjs.

I tried using github version. But installation by yarn build gives error and many files are missing.

The plan is to release this soon. Do you need it right at this moment?

yes, we are on deadline. I guess this function is really helpful to fetch data like enum and struct.

We will release a version with support for this today or latest tomorrow.

Thank you abizjak. I stumbled upon your website .You are way to smart to take my request .I feel guilty for eating your time.

Oh no no.

Iā€™m happy to help in any way to use the system that I had a part in creating.

I understand.this is your child.
library is working like a charm.

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Just to be clear, the actual release is the work of others. I am merely a coordinator in this instance :slight_smile:

Glad it works.

Just to note, the new version of the nodejs SDK, which contains the deserializeReceiveReturnValue function, has been released. (5.0.0)

yes. I saw it yesterday. We are using it . Just slight inconvenience for future user. We have to export that function in index.d.ts and index.js files in common-sdk.