Not getting the receivers address

in this code i am not getting the receiver’s address

const getTransactionByTxnHash = async (hash) => {
  try {
    const res = await client.getBlockItemStatus(hash);
    return res;
  } catch (error) {

can anyone suggest me how i can get the receiver address?? the output of the above code is

  blockHash: '7e3572fee7e1c2578484b62e87162d76576ded6cd92ca1a7136f419ac423d8ed',
  summary: {
    index: 9n,
    energyCost: 495n,
    hash: '8208ef6ea2f7110a9b11ea8858393fe951ac6f9c881599d8c817abd36ecc7c0e',
    type: 'accountTransaction',
    cost: 1829190n,
    sender: '35CJPZohio6Ztii2zy1AYzJKvuxbGG44wrBn7hLHiYLoF2nxnh',
    transactionType: 'registerData',
    dataRegistered: {
      tag: 'DataRegistered',
      data: '21646495270f03b516cadb21cbf1c3b7d1c31c7414b7ad2aa2779f8aeeb27df5'

I need to fetch the details of transaction by transaction hash

Hello, it looks like the transaction you looked up is a simple data register. There’s no receiver for such a transaction. Transfer transactions have receiver addresses.

This particular transaction doesn’t have a receiver? Try this hash, this is a transfer: