Reason not to bake on initial account.?


I have been running a node since february.

Unfortunately i made my baker account on my initial account. I see you are recommending not to.

Can i ask why it is not recommended.

Due to Security issues.?
Issues in future use.?

Looking forward to hear why so i understand how urgent it is to change.

As we write in the documentation the initial account has less anonymity since the identity provider creates it on your behalf, so the identity provider knows the real life identity behind the initial account.

Compared to non-initial accounts where the real-life identity of the person behind it can only be revealed by cooperation between at least 2 anonymity revokers and the identity provider.

This is the only difference between the two types of accounts. The security level is the same and you should not worry that you are baking with the initial account.

Thank you so much for the explanation.

I have only used the guide to setup the baking account. I should definitely look into the documentation you are refering to.

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