RPC Endpoint not reachable & web sdk not providing rpc nodejs functionality

So I have like two major issues I’m currently facing:

First, after my node crashed because of insufficient storage I added more space, restarted the node but for some reasons the grpc endpoint is not working anymore and I can’t call it from the cli or the sdk.

Second, while investigating issue one I saw that I used the deprecated concordium node js sdk and as suggested I swapped it with the web sdk however nodejs grpc functions that should be importable from /web-sdk/nodejs can’t be imported because they don’t exist under this route

Which version of the node are you running and what platform are you using?

The issue related to importing the @concordium/web-sdk/nodejs might be related to your bundler, if it believes it is targetting the browser it won’t be available. (concordium-node-sdk-js/packages/sdk/package.json at main · Concordium/concordium-node-sdk-js · GitHub)

6.1.7 on an ubuntu server. And for some reasons I’m not able to update to newer versions:

Any suggestions for this one?

Could you ellaborate more on this one? So what should I do to fix this? I use Nest.js (similar to express) with this package so I don’t think the bundler is targeting the browser.

If you have a bundling step, then you need to make sure it is not using the browser export.

Besides that you need to use NodeJS version 16 or later and import using ESM modules (described here)

Okay, I was able to fix the bundling and complete the migration. However, I still face the issue of being unable to upgrade to a newer version of the Ubuntu node. The checksum doesn’t match, and when trying to install the package, the error in the screenshot above is returned.

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Okay, I figured out that while pasting the URL into the terminal, it somehow weirdly replaced _ with - and, therefore, malformed the URL. Now it’s all working. Thanks.

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