RpcError: Nonexisting sender account

  1. Hello Im tryng to develop a simple transfer app using concordium, i have configured my concordium node on ubuntu i have installed a browser wallet and create account.

i have import my config like screenshot

my node on testnet is syncing and im trying to use grpc.testnet.concordium.com but show

RpcError: Nonexisting sender account

Connection Code

const accountAddress = AccountAddress.fromBase58(`3H3n564uUDHGXq8PcJ9rGHB6nDiFnSSTfgFZJAT5SmvAMbp3ZX`);

const client = new ConcordiumGRPCNodeClient(
    { timeout: 15000 }

If your node hasn’t yet caught up to the top of the chain, then your node is not aware of the account you just deployed on-chain. After your node has caught up to the top of the chain, the error should resolve.

OK thanks for the response, i will wait