Sending multiple update transaction with different nonce at once

I am trying to send a contract-update transaction from nodeJs back-end.

const updateContractTransaction= {
            header: header,
            payload: updateModule,
            type: AccountTransactionType.UpdateSmartContractInstance,

can I send multiple transaction with auto Increment nonce all at once .

const nonce = await client.getNextAccountNonce(TestnetAccountaddress);
{ nonce: 85n, allFinal: true }

like in this case

transaction1 with = 85n;
transaction2 with = 86n;
transaction3 with = 87n;
(chronologically synchronous with increment)

or their is a chance of transaction2 to be executed first even though transaction1 was recieved first.

will this result in an error?

There is no chance of reordering. The nonce determines the ordering.

There is of course a chance that the second transaction fails because the first one fails. But no reordering is possible.