Sponsoring CCD transaction

I need a bit of clarification with sponsored transactions. I’m trying to write a smart contract that allows user join a game room using CCD. we want to pay transaction fees for the user, while the user pays the game room entry fee. The user is expected to sign a message that authorises us to transfer the game room entry fee from their wallet to the smart contract during the join game room process. Is it possible to achieve this with sponsored transaction? The part I have not been able to figure out is transferring the CCD from the user account to the smart contract since the user has authorised this. The examples on the docs seems to be for cis2 tokens managed by the contract, so don’t know if my use case is possible or if I’m approaching it wrongly

Hi @jerry
The user cannot authorize a native CCD transfer from their accounts without also paying for the fee, as this is not supported by the current protocol.
A less ideal solution could be to build a service monitoring your smart contract and reimburses the fee to the user or use something like wCCD (although wrapping the CCD will still cost the user a fee)

okay thanks @limemloh