Sudden drop in rewards

Hi guys,

I have a strange situation with my 84424 node/baker.

Some 7 months ago I started baking on a windows laptop. The old versions of the client were too heavy so I was losing blocks. I moved to a LINUX server and all was running perfectly. Until a week ago…

A week ago the baker passed the threshold of becoming a finalizer. Since then (not saying it’s connected) the yields have dropped 25% at least. Day after day underperforming.

I have changed my router 4 days ago (hence the restart of the node) and I have increased the surveillance on my line with AIS here in Thailand. Everything is fine.

What could be the problem here? Would you go back to the windows server or would you move the baker to the cloud ($79/month I think)

Highly appreciate your input.



When a node is a finalizer it does send out more network messages.

If you network connection has high latency it could mean that the blocks you make do not propagate fast enough, although your network latency would have to be quite high for you to notice a change when becoming a finalizer.

Can you run concordium-client raw GetPeerData and see what your connection latencies are to your peers?

I can see on the network dashboard that your average latency is relatively high at the moment, at 408ms, but having information per peer would be more useful.

Finally, are there any errors or warnings in the logs of your node?

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Thanks a lot for the answer. I’m absolutely no node expert and quite lost on Linux tbh. :face_with_peeking_eye:

I made a video of the log but somehow it’s not possible here. Only pics are allowed.

Also the concordium-client raw GetPeerData said command not found even I’m in the Concordium client.

A little lost here as you can see… :cry::thinking:

Today looks like another really poor day after a few almost on par and even 1 over (first in 2 weeks)

How did you download concordium-client?

When you download the binary, say concordium-client_5.1.1 then you have to

  1. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded it.
  2. make it executable first chmod +x concordium-client_5.1.1
  3. then run it as ./concordium-client_5.1.1 raw GetPeerData