transactionsSize in GetBlockInfo

What’s the definition of transactionsSize in the raw GetBlockInfo command for concordium-client? I was trying to find the count of transactions in a block. raw GetBlockSummary result contains a key transactionSummaries, which is a list of transactions. My guess was that transactionsSize in the raw GetBlockInfo was the transaction count, but apparently that’s not the case.

I’ve tried to spelunk the Concordium GitHub projects, but wasn’t able to find a definition there (btw: there’s a link to gitlab in concordium-grpc-api, but that’s not accessible anymore?

TransactionsSize is the size of transactions in bytes. GetBlockInfo response also has the “transactionsCount” field, which is the number of transactions in the block.

The fields are documented in the rust sdk concordium-rust-sdk/ at 64d902653c96041b6e871641c22f1c8c24c0174a · Concordium/concordium-rust-sdk · GitHub

And also here concordium-node/ at main · Concordium/concordium-node · GitHub (although this is slightly out of date and missing some fields).