Unable to build schema


I’ve tried running “cargo concordium build --schema-out” to create the schema for my smart contract. I am getting the error:

Error: Could not build smart contract.

Caused by:
0: Could not build module schema.
1: Could not generate module schema from Wasm module.
2: Failed deserialising the schema.

Nothing much in the error message to help determine the root cause. I’ve rechecked my code and it looks fine. It compiles just fine when running just “cargo corcordium build”. Version of cargo concordium is v2.0.1

Are you using the released version of concordium-std or the version from the repository?

Am running the released version

I will try to build cargo-concordium from source as described in another topic and see if it helps.

built-from-source version worked. :slight_smile:

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We will release an updated version of cargo-concordium this week.