What is token ID for EuroE on testnet

I was trying to transfer EuroE on testnet and found that the contract address which is 7260 but i wanted to know the token ID. Because i used 0 as token ID and the transfer seems to be failing. So what is the token ID for testnet EuroE

The tokenID of EuroE is the Rust Unit () type. You can use an empty string “” as tokenId to represent it.

You can see this information on ccdscan for example CCDScan

TokenId is supposed to be u8. If by empty string u mean 0, it is not working for me.

i might know what u mean. U mean TokenIdUnit.

Yes, EuroE uses the TokenIdUnit type.

For EuroE: Using 0 as tokenID will not work since it is already too big for the TokenIdUnit type. The empty string (nothing) is the smallest possible tokenID and represents the TokenIdUnit type.

Other possible token ID types that CIS2 tokens can have in general are e.g.:
TokenIdFixed, TokenIdU8, TokenIdU16, … TokenIdUnit

yes sorry, just noticed that the tokenId was generic. My bad.