What to do if node has a block difference?

Hi there,

Just installed the personal node bot via Pablo’s instructions.

When receiving the message “Block difference of 6106 as concordium 1854892 and yours is 1848786”

How to solve the block difference?

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Hello. You just need to wait for the sync to complete. Your node will catch up with all the others.

Hello Pablo,

Thanks for your reply.

I have updated the node to 3.0.1 but now my node does not show up in the dashboard anymore (nor can I connect from it from the Desktop Wallet):

Further note the following:

  • restarted the server multiple times without luck
  • restarted the node multiple times without luck - status shows “active running” - but does not appear in dashboard.

Do i need to do a fresh install - if so, how can i remove all the scripts?

Looking forward to your reply.


we need to investigate it. Would be nice if you can provide us your logs. You can get them by entering in terminal

sudo journalctl -u concordium-${build_env_name_lower}-node.service --since ‘10min ago’

you can load it here or somewhere else and drop a link to it.

Hi Pablo,

The whole node was corrupt after the 3.0.1 update.

I have build up the node from scratch. The node is now up and running on the dashboard (baker ID shows). However, when connecting to the node via the Desktop Wallet it says “connection failed”.

Thanks for your support.

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it may because of non-full syncronization on your node. Make sure your node is fully synced and then try to connect to it via Desktop wallet.

I have same problem, updating from 3.0.0 to 3.0.1, the node stops working, and have to build up from scratch.

When I upgraded to version 3.0.0 same thing happened. This is a very big problem. A upgrade must not be a problem further on, building a node takes 3-4 days to sync. And more blocks are coming,

Hi @pepelepew and @GSM,

It sounds like your nodes might have crashed when processing the recent protocol update. This can cause the database to be corrupt, in which case one solution is to delete the database and start over with catching up.
The node will use a fair bit more memory when processing a protocol update, so if your machine is low on resources, that might have been the reason for the crash.

Please make sure that the machine running your node lives up to our listed system requirements.

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I have been doing some tests, I only have the problem running Windows 2019, server, On windows 10/11 nodes updates works fine.