When calling the contract type transaction signature, what are the []bytes of data in this 'Parameter' field?

Hi guys, about this field

Parameter string env:“PARAMETER_IN_HEX”`

following url:concordium-go-sdk/v2/examples/updatecontract/main.go at main · Concordium/concordium-go-sdk · GitHub

Not sure what data of Parameter is need…

updateContractPayload := v2.UpdateContractPayload{
Amount: &amount,
Address: &v2.ContractAddress{
Index: params.ContractIndex,
Subindex: params.ContractSubIndex,
ReceiveName: &v2.ReceiveName{Value: params.ReceiveName},
Parameter: &v2.Parameter{Value: parameter},

Some smart contracts have entrypoints that expect input parameters.

For example, the below smart contract expects an AccountAddress as the input parameter for the entrypoint ‘view_keys’.

If you use the go SDK and want to invoke that entrypoint, you would have to represent the AccountAddress as a hexString (bytes sent to the smart contract). In summary, the Parameter you are asking for is the inputParameter to the entrypoint that you are invoking.