When should I change concordium-std from v2 to v3?

I’ve noticed that there is concordium-std version 3.0.0 in the repository, when will it be available on the testnet?
And is it possible to continue using v2 for compatibility?

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Version 2 of concordium-std is going to remain available (from crates.io) as it is now.

V2 of concordium-std supports the existing smart contracts. In the upcoming update we have a new version of smart contracts with

  • synchronous calls
  • increased and revised state
  • fallback entrypoints to more easily support proxying
  • a number of cryptographic primitives

These features are supported in V3 of concordium-std, and will be enabled on testnet in around two weeks.

I hope this answers your question.


And related to testnet availability. We are not committed to any date yet, but likely the week of 23rd of May is when you will be able to use it on testnet. There should be more announcements in the coming days.