API , one browser vallet only

We are looking for an API solution that can simplify this task. Here is our scenario:

User action:

  1. The registered user upload files
  2. We seal the files using an (rest) API
  3. The user gets a verification that the files have been stamped/sealed by Concordium

Is it possible to use only one browser vallet? We don’t want the user to use a browser vallet. There should only be one vallet, instead of having one vallet for each user.

Thank you in advance

Like this https://timestamp.northstake.dk ?

Thank you for your reply. But the file upload itself is taken care of by our system. We want to seal the files after they have been uploaded using concordium e-sealing. It is important that the user himself does NOT have a vallet. Only the Admin of the system should have a vallet. I hope it makes sense?

It is a good example using an API, but does the user who uploads the file need a chrome extension?
In our case only the ADMIN should be able to seal the document through the concordium vallet.
We don’t want each user to seal their own documents.


It is possible to what you are asking for. In fact you also don’t even need the ADMIN to use their wallet. You could implement this as a backend service that holds the signing keys for an account that can do the on-chain action that you want. You can extract a private key from the browser wallet if your account has been created in there (see https://developer.concordium.software/en/mainnet/net/guides/export-key.html). Then use one of our SDK’s (depending on your language of choice) to implement your backend service.

The user would then upload a file to your service, and on the backend you take that file and process it however you want. That could be as you want here, stamp/seal it on-chain and then send back a message to the client-side that confirms it has now been stamped/sealed.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you I will look into it. We are using Laravel PHP framework.

When you saym quote:

Do you mean that the ADMIN does not need to use the vallet that belong to the user OR do you mean that the ADMIN does not need a vallet?
Sorry for the confusion. I am asking this because in our case ONLY the ADMIN should have a vallet and not the users themselves.

I understand that you only want the ADMIN to have a wallet. The user does not need one if the backend service uses the keys from the ADMIN’s wallet.

What I mean by you not necessarily needing any wallet is that to have an automatic service, you probably don’t want to interact with the wallet manually. You can extract the private key for an account in the ADMIN wallet and use that for running your backend service that submits transactions to the chain.