Chrome Wallet not working


I can’t get your chrome wallet to work.

Have tried:

Updating MACOS
Restarting Mac and Chrome
Re-install Wallet

All i see is this little square

Hi there!

Has the wallet been working at some point, or is this what you see as you first installed it?

Also, could you go to chrome://extensions and check the version of the wallet, just for good measure (it should always automatically update to the newest version though, but just to be sure :wink:)


Hi Søren

I just downloadet the wallet for the first time. I have only used your IOS wallet in the past.

Have tried reinstalling but no success

Hi Coinermagz,

Please check with a new Chrome user profile by locating your profile icon in the Chrome toolbar and selecting ‘add person’.

Let us know, if that solved your issue.

Best regards,