Desktop Wallet Node Connection Failure after node upgrade to 6.0.4

I just upgraded my node to version 6.0.4 but I also lost my Desktop Wallet’s connection to my node

I was using port 10000 to connect to my node. My desktop Wallet is v1.5.0 for MacOS. Node is running 6.0.4. I use dynamic dns which is working fine as it still resolves the correct IP Address.

In the meantime can I also configure my wallet to use a Concordium Foundation Node instead of my own Ubuntu Node?

In version 6 of the node we no longer enable grpc V1 by default.

You have to enable it yourself by setting CONCORDIUM_NODE_RPC_SERVER_PORT=10000 and CONCORDIUM_NODE_RPC_SERVER_ADDR= (or if you only need to access it via localhost).

Hi Abizjak, many thanks for your reply. Could you please let me know how to make this change on Ubuntu Node?

Thanks in advance.


Start with

sudo systemctl edit concordium-mainnet-node

Then edit the file to have the following lines

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