Error loading NFTs per index in iOS

Hello Support Team,

I’ve encountered an issue within the iOS wallet when attempting to search through a large number of NFTs. Specifically, index 9403,0 on the mainnet, which contains over 1 million NFTs, seems to be problematic. When trying to conduct a search using the iOS Wallet, I’m met with an error (try again later or unable to connect to the server) - plus it also appears impossible to search for specific tokens.


we are aware of the issue, however we don’t have a timeline for the fix at the moment.

I suppose this affects the users of provenancetags, am I correct?

Yes, our users cannot link NFTs they own in the iOS wallet. Any workarounds?

Not at the moment other than using the browser wallet where this works correctly.

We are working on a fix for iOS and Android wallets but I don’t have an ETA at the moment.