Exporting/importing accounts - secret encryption key

Hi all,
I am following piggy-bank tutorial. I am on the step of importing account to my concordium-client. I have exported an account from my android wallet successfully, but when I import it to concordium-client, I get a warning:

Warning: Importing account without a secret encryption key provided. This account will not support encrypted transfers.

I could not find an option to set up any secret key while exporting the account. Should I do something with it, or should I just ignore the warning?

PS: I also tried to export an account from web wallet, but the same warning persists

The current export format (from both the browser wallet and the new android wallet) does not support exporting the encryption key so the client cannot import it.

You can still use the account in concordium-client for everything apart from encrypted transfers. You can do all smart contract transactions, and all other transfers, registering a baker, delegating.

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Thanks for your reply.
Which wallet supports encryption key export, in case I want to use encrypted transfers?

Only the legacy android wallet and the current iOS (soon to become legacy) support this.

None of the new wallets do at the moment.