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This campaign dosent work Concordium Name Service Launch on Web23 by Concordium | Galxe

Trying to connect wallet, and either get an error on the mobil app, or land a landing page that dosent work

Hello Poulerne. We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulties. The campaign is working and more than 100 people have already become OAT owners.

Here are a few steps that will help you participate in the campaign and mint the ccd domain on the portal:

  1. Use the latest version of the Chrome web browser and the Concordium wallet browser extension. Pay attention to the version of your web wallet - currently the latest version is 1.1.8.
    ONLY web wallet is supported. You will not be able to connect any other wallet until WEB23 releases an update.

  2. After you connect your web wallet, you can use the search for available domains and make a purchase.

I hope these steps will help you successfully participate in the campaign.

Hi PabloZ

I have the latest version of the Chrome wallet, and Chrome is updated, but I still get the error, so the error is not related to this. Please get it corrected, or we can mint it manually ? if that is easier for you than correcting the error ?

BR. Poul Oddershede

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 08.51.34

Here is the Chrome version

This is the page where the NFT should be minted, there is no guidelines or possibility to mint on ?

BR. Poul Oddershede

To participate in the Galxe WEB23 CNS campaign, you must have an account on the Galxe portal and complete all the steps presented here: Concordium Name Service Launch on Web23 by Concordium | Galxe

Minting of domains occurs on the page
You can read the instructions in the Medium article specifically written for this campaign: Concordium Name Service (CNS) launching on Web23 | by Concordium | Sep, 2023 | Medium

Yes, and that is precisely the part that dosent work

I think I understand what your problem is. You need to use your metamask wallet to log into Galxe. Try using metamask instead of WalletConnect

Done :slight_smile: but now I dont get the possibility, most likely on the wrong network ?

You have to complete each task to be eligible to claim OAT. There are still 20 days ahead, so there is still time =)

Now looks like it worked :slight_smile:

It looks everything is working

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So it should work now when I link to my Concordium wallet

Er NFTen på concordium netværk ? og forbundet med min CCD walllet ? eller hvorledes genkender den at det er mig der køber ?

The screenshot shows that you have successfully connected your wallet. Now you can use the search field and enter your desired domain name. You can then continue with your purchase by paying for the domain price using your Concordium web wallet.

Yes, but that is my MetaMask wallet, not my Concordium wallet ?

After purchasing a domain, you fill out a Google form (available at galxe campaign) in which you indicate, among other things, your Ethereum address, as well as your Concordium address. This way we can compare OAT holders and those who minted the domain and we’ll distribute the prizes.

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Im in doubt, what other wallet shall be used together with the concordium wallet, I have submitted this one, my MetaMask wallet

Before I submitted this one, with a wallet address that was on the token, musty likely I can now see this was wrong. Is now everything correct, when submitting the google form with the MeatMask/ETH wallet ?

Hello Poulerne. We see that you filled out the form twice. One of your EVM addresses does not own OAT, the other does. We will pay attention to this during the check, you do not need to worry about it. Thank you for your participation!

Perfect, sorry for the mistake, just delete the wrong one :slight_smile: