Got a read only Wallet with coins and one without coins

Hello Concordium, I send my CCD from KuCoin to my wallet. Now it says read only Wallet, but I want to stake them with my other wallet. Can you help me to transfer them or how can I do this? See picture below.

Hello Fedrick. Unfortunately, read-only means that you don’t have private keys for your account and you can’t manage the funds.
The only chance to do anything in this situation is to use the saved backup file that you should have made.
Please check if you have a saved backup file somewhere?
In the absence of a backup, access to these funds is lost forever and nothing can restore access.

In order for us to understand the story, please share the details of account creation and history of using the mobile wallet. Also, please provide your account address. You can email if you don’t want to show the address public.

Concordium Tech Support