Identity attribute reveal or attribute proof api

We have a corporate/company identity created in Mainne and also in TestNet. If we want to reveal the company name, how do we do it and where do we set it up so that we can reveal a few attributes that we allow to be public? If not possible, is there an api and/or command in concordium client we can call to pass an attribute and identity to prove that that identity has that attribute value?

I cannot seem to follow the verifier part of the code in this GitHub repo:

The company identity only contains the LEI at the moment (and that is also optional, so yours might not contain it either).

So this is not possible since the identity provider must have signed the attribute in your identity in order for you to use it via the ID support in the wallets.

The reality is that only user identities are useful for ID proofs at the moment.

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Thanks for the explanation @abizjak.