Identity issurance failed

I tried to set up browser wallet(chrome), but it failed with message below:
(Both mainnet and testnet)

How can I solve it?

Hello Jiyu

Based on the previous difficulties you have encountered, I respectfully request that you review your browser wallet (and if the issue still persists on your MacOS), investigate it in an alternative network environment. It is my suspicion that there may be limitations on ports or network traffic within your network configuration, which could be contributing to the problem.

Concordium Tech Support

My network is not limited. Could you tell me which port should I check?

We have an issue that when DTS encounters a duplicate IdCredPub, the wallet shows that error instead.
(Do you get the same error message with Notabene?)

In this case, you can try running the recovery:
Wallet Settings → Restore IDs and Account → Restore

If it finds some identities, then that was probably the issue.